What I aim to do is to provide high quality corporate photography to public companies, professional firms and private businesses. There really is no room for compromise in this type of photography. Business people don’t have time for slow photographers, so I strive to provide them with first class business photography in the shortest time possible. I’m flexible and quick so I can work within tight deadlines that we are all often met with today.


There is no room for compromise

I’m available for individual and group portraits, as well as company events. Other than creativity, what’s really important here is technical skill. The equipment I use allows me to adapt to different settings and locations, and to create the best possible lighting anywhere. Who says you can’t look good while you’re working? My style of photography helps clients look more approachable while still maintaining that professional image. Even though I like to prepare thoroughly, make sure I have everything I need, and get the complete schedule of the event so I’m located where it’s most important at a certain time, I never interrupt and I tend to blend in. The only exception is when my client needs me, and then I’m happy to give advices and recommendations.


Congresses and incentives

I understand the value of event photography, so while I can discretely cover private events, I’m also able to shoot congresses and incentive programs. Everything will be documented in style and you will have photographs that can proudly present your business.


There’s no need for a Victoria’s Secret model to take a good employee photograph. For this, it’s important that the photograph is authentic. I try to relax the person I’m taking a photo of while talking to them, so that they would look approachable, yet still professional.

Stores and offices

Through correct photography and postproduction, any space can be made to look amazing. I’m highly experienced in, and equipped for, interior photography (there’s a whole section about it!) With the right lighting and equipment, everything is much easier in the postproduction. There’s also the possibility of combining office and employee photography, as that’s the best way to take candid photos of employees in their work environment, working and chatting to each other.

Products and services

Other than events and your office, customers might be interested in seeing your products and services as well. Your work is best portrayed this way and that’s why I think it’s very important to establish very good communication. That way I can showcase the product or service just the way you imagined it.

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