It’s all about outstanding images

So far I’ve found that people absolutely love decorating. I’ve also found that people who love it tend to be rather good at it. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to show that on photo. This is where I step in.

It’s all about outstanding images and making people wish they were in the room that’s in the photo. Creating a good atmosphere is just as important as showing good taste with random little details.

I believe it’s very important to listen to what the owner has to say, so a connection between you and your future guest can be established right away through the photo.


I find this kind of photography to be most demanding in technical aspect. Usually I’m confident enough to cover the shooting with two cameras and several lenses, but when off to shoot interiors i’ll arrive fully geared. Flashes, triggers, strobes, umbrellas, softboxes, tripods and other gadgets are my best friends here.

But magic really happens afterwards, in postproduction. I’ll often spend 45min+ to retouch one photo as I don’t find ‘auto’ buttons & apps to do the job as good as the manual approach does.

Check the slider below to feel the post production magic.


Although when shooting with basic pro gear – camera / flash / tripod and some basic post production I could produce satisfying result for most customers, I decided to take interior photography to the next level, using professional lighting gear and manual multi-layer postproduction.

Before the actual shooting I will most often inspect the site and exchange decoration ideas with the client. It also helps me to feel the space and gives me opportunity to think about compositions and lighting in advance.

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