Panoramic view from Srd hill above Dubrovnik

Flying dress photo shoot

Little intro. Jonadress is a luxury photo and video service in flying dresses handmade in Croatia. Jona is a photographer and her mom is a tailor. All dresses were handmade at their home in northern Croatia. Jona loves travelling, so naturally after combining work with passion, she is now offering flying dress shoots all around the world (New York, London, Paris, Dubrovnik and expanding). She reached out to me in 2023 and offered a collaboration – doing photo/video shoots with her lovely dresses in Dubrovnik, which was a no-brainer for me.

I had to adjust my approach a little bit for flying dress shoots, in comparison to my other regular (or wedding dress) shoots.
During one hour of a regular outfit session I can usually visit bunch of locations and take many photos (and deliver hundreds), everything goes fluently and fast. During flying dress shoots time flies so much faster so we will visit several most popular landmarks, and we’ll spend more time on each one.
Shoot itself is very active and fun! There is going to be lots of spinning, tossing, running, you name it 🙂 We’ll repeat it a few times to get perfect shots and we’ll then repeat it again for video clips.

I strongly recommend morning start (6:30-6:45) to avoid crowds. It’s also possible to do a mix, flying dress & regular outfit, feel free to mention it if interested.
Dress is universal size and will fit all body types.


– Handmade infinity flying dress (red or blue)
– 1 hour photo shoot (3-4 locations)
– 15-20 edited and retouched photos* and 3 short slow-motion vertical video clips

Price: 550 Eur

* All photos will be cropped and colour adjusted. In addition to my regular editing style I will retouch each individual photo. Retouching mostly means spot brightening (so the dress pops up more) and smoothing some wrinkles on the dress. I will also remove blemishes, bra strap lines or similar easy to fix unwanted marks, and people in the background. I’ll do my best to fix some hair imperfections if necessary.
I will not be retouching face, although it’s not really necessary as I won’t be taking lots of close-ups anyway.