Dubravko Lenert portrait 2022

About me

A photo is worth a thousand words, but since I’m better behind the lens, let me try and introduce myself in a few sentences.

A while ago I got a Masters degree in Economics, got myself a nice job where I was promoted regularly, got a nice paycheck,  all in all – everything was set in stone for me. But I had that itch… An itch that was telling me that I could do something different, branch out and change direction, bring excitement and diversity to my daily routine.

As many of us are, I also am a person of many hobbies and passions, some of them childish (from an amateur’s point of view), like board games and ship modelling, some of them more mature, like IT and – photography as my number one passion. You know the saying, if a person finds a job he loves, he won’t have to work a single day in his life. That was my trigger: I took a risk and started my own business from scratch, with a lot of wind in my sails from family and friends.


Why photo shoots?
When I first started I did all kinds of photography, food, interiors, events, weddings, landscape… All my clients were happy with my work and I could’ve probably picked up any niche to specialise in. So, I picked up the one I enjoy doing the most – working with people, but in a relaxed, natural way. It’s opposite of fashion photography where you’re trying to create a perfect single image with artificial lights and lots of posing. My intent is to capture series of images which will represent a well rounded story, ideally through emotions. Themes vary, from nice vacation, love, family, friendship, sometimes even business.

I still do other types of photography from time to time and I am really proud that I was featured in The Wall street Journal and that I had a pleasure to work for The Washington Post for their Local’s guide to Dubrovnik, Croatia.


Other passions

Fridge magnets, Apple products, wine, travelling, tv shows marathons, good sleep, chinese food, sometimes gaming… and I love cats! During Covid downtime I discovered hiking and have fallen in love with nature. So, being more active than ever I am slowly switching from wine to protein smoothies, but I prefer to keep a good balance between the two. Latest update, during 2021 I fall in love with running and went from never running at all to 21K in 100 days. Now I am taking it slowly to stay out of injuries 🙂


Some things I am not a fan of

Watching the news, as they seem to feed us with negativity these days. I don’t even visit news portals any more, I just catch some headlines on my feeds. Also I don’t like expensive cheese, warm beer, too much milk in my coffee, cold weather, pop-up and YouTube ads and slow computers.