Old town photo shoot

This photo shoot provides a complete Old Town experience. Two hours are sweet spot to cover all the main spots in & around the Old town or even visit the City walls.

We are visiting all locations included in Golden hour package and in addition we are extending the photo shoot with one of two options.

Option A) Old town In & Out

Our first landmark is Lovrjenac fortress, located only few minutes of cardio exercise away from Pile bay. It provides a high ground panoramic view over the Old town as you can see in examples below.

We are then proceeding with the usual route. In the Old town we’ll make a detour and head up towards the famous ‘Walk of shame’ stairs for GOT fans, or simply beautiful Jezuite stairs for non-GOT fans. We are then proceeding to the Old harbour via ‘hidden’ streets, with the opportunity to pause on several bonus spots on the way.

Main highlight of the extended tour is proceeding east after the Old harbour. We’ll take few shots at the famous Dominican monastery stairs, which come in handy to take a rest for couple of minutes. By the time we reach the eastern bridge the light conditions will be pretty nice for the panoramic view over the Old town harbour.

After crossing the second bridge we’ll go down the stairs to Komarda. This place has managed to stay below the radar of tourists and is my common go to place for surprise engagements. It’s place by the sea where few locals go to swim during the day and it’s a perfect place to finish a photo shoot by being inch away from the sea with view over the island of Lokrum and Old town. Actually it’s great place to visit in general.

Option B) Dubrovnik City Walls

Dubrovnik one hour photo shoot can be extended by visiting one half of the City Walls. Visit takes about 45 minutes of moderate walking pace.

For solo travellers or friends on a fun vacation it’s a fantastic place to grab a photo which will boost their social networks.

But keep in mind that City walls are narrow and almost always busy. Also, when mixing City Walls with the Old town in a single session I usually do only one half of the walls and you can only buy tickets for full circle (pricey but well worth the visit).

With that said, there are plenty of valid reasons to pick the City walls option. Maybe you really, really want to have the spectacular view over the rooftops or maybe you are in Dubrovnik just for the day and you’d like to combine two activities into one.

For the best results I’d advise to split the session (1+1) and do the full circle of City Walls in the morning and the Old town photo shoot towards the sunset. This would take about 2.5 hours of our time in total and the extra 30 minutes are free of charge.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 220 Eur

Recomended starting time:
2 hours before sunset.
For the City Walls option I’d recommend a split session (Walls in the morning, Old town in the afternoon)

Note: Entrance fees not included

We’ll visit all spots included in Golden hour photo shoot...

...and with option A we’ll explore even more landmarks

City walls are great option as well

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